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Agent Texas by eeveeon22 Agent Texas :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 2 0 Shorthand Achilles by eeveeon22 Shorthand Achilles :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 0 0
Skripatchka Chapter 2
Christopher, second-in-command of the Papal Resistance, was annoyed. It had been twenty-three months, going on twenty-four, since Anastasy, leader of the debacle that was the Resistance, had disappeared. He had left only to fight in the Great War into which he was conscripted, and which had been over for nearly a year. Christopher had no doubt that his mentor was dead by now, but sometimes he still had dreams in which Anastasy would return. Most of these dreams, of course, included the brutal and usually messy murder of the men who had come to vie for his position.
Christopher was interrupted from these thoughts by a loud crash coming from the direction of the herd of men. He heard a guffaw coming from Locke Swift, the undisputable leader of the group of men, and the most likely to get picked for the role. Of course, they didn’t really care about the role of leader. Most of the men had come from the isolated outposts of the organisation – Irkutsk, Sorrento, Ljubljana, and t
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Skripatchka Chapter 1
The Metatron stood in the middle of the Assembly Hall.
“Cherubim, seraphim, angels of all circles, I must ask for your help. As I’m sure many of you are aware, my charge, the human Anastasy Illyich Skripatch, has been held, against his will, by Emmanuel’s charge, Quartus Demetrius Verus.” He shot a glance towards Emmanuel, who shrugged complacently. “Anastasy has been stuck on Wrangel for five months now, stranded there by none other than Lucifer, king of the demons, and one of our former leaders.”
Michael, the current leader of the angelic hierarchy jumped up. “Do you have a point, Gabriel?” he asked the former human heatedly. He never reacted well to the mention of former comrades.
Metatron glared at him. “If you’d let me finish, Michael.” He turned back to the council. “Lucifer has gone on a trip. He is, along with Beelzebub and Satan, going on a journey to the Lunar, Venusian, Martian, and Ionian Colonies, in a
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The Skripatchka
In an infinite white room sits a person.
This person is very nondescript – average height, average build, light brown hair of intermediate length – and wears simple grey clothes. This person sits in the centre of the room, racking their brains for something. They mutter a quiet prayer for help. As if by magic, it appears, in the form of three masked women. The one on the left wears bright colours and a mask depicting a cheery smile. The one on the left wears dreary greys and blacks, and sports a crying mask. The one in the middle has a neutral mask and clothing of pale blues and greys. They walk up to the person in the room.
“Hello, we believe you called?” the one in the middle asks. The human nods.
“I needed a muse,” the child says quietly.
The middle woman nods, and comes up to the child. She breathes into the young one’s mouth. “I Clio, give you the gift of rewriting history. Weave a new world in which your children will work.”
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Albion by eeveeon22 Albion :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 1 2 Neachtia by eeveeon22 Neachtia :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 2 4 Christian by eeveeon22 Christian :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 1 0
The Hetiliad
Sing to me, Muse, about the story of the cities,
of the Achaeans, of wise Mycenae and brave Sparta,
of clever Ithaca and strong Myrmidon,
of Pylos and Athens and Argos and Thebes.
Sing to me, o Muse, about the great city by the Hellespont River,
about Ilium, the greatest city in all the world.
Start, o Muse, when Hellas, mother of all the Argives,
appeared to Troy, blessed by the gods,
to tell him of his fate.
When Ilium, breaker of horses, saw the queen of all Greece,
he hurried out of his walls, eager to meet her at his gates.
“Welcome, dear Hellas, queen with the lovely braids,
what have I done to deserve the honour of a visit?” he asked,
smiling widely at the queen, eager to make an impression.
But Hellas brushed the great city off.
“I have not come to visit you, Ilium, or enjoy your food and drink.
I have come to give you a warning of things to come.
You are harbouring prince Paris and his new wife, Helen,
wife of red-haired Menelaus.
Troy, breaker of horses, you
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Diche was a gossip and a whore, always tasting others. Now she cannot taste.
Audette was an eavesdropper and a spy, listening on things she had no right to. Now she cannot hear.
Nidor was a hunter and assassin, smelling out people and killing them. Now he cannot smell.
Spector was a stalker, looking at defenseless girls and pleasuring himself. now he cannot see.
Treme was a fornicator and a rapist, feeling up defenseless women. Now he cannot feel.
And none of them can remember.
Legare Diche
I wake up. I feel fine. I look at myself in the mirror. I remember I have no mouth. I scream. I cannot scream, I cannot yell, I cannot talk. I cannot cry for help.
I look for my writer. I found it when I came here. Into this horrible house with horrible rooms and horrible furniture. I don't know what I did. I don't know anything. No, that's not true. I remember the capital of Syria and how to make a word into a superlative and all 32 letters of the Russian alphabet. I can remember the name of the cu
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Spike Bio.2
1. Name: Spike
2. Age: 20
3. Gender: Male, used to be female
4. How tall is s/he?: 5'10
5. Describe their eyes: Light blue
6. Sexuality: Straight
7. Race/Species: Human, Caucasian.
8. Siblings? Older sister whose name I have not figured out yet
9. Lover(s)? Tequea, but it's an open relationship
10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)? Ah, well, he's  pretty good at lying
11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)? Nah
12. What's their religion/belief system?: Atheist
13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?: Oh, yes I have
14. Do they have an alternate form? Had a sex change, that count?
15. Are they based on a real person? Nope
16. Or another character? No
17. Do they go to school? Yeah
18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror? Not too long
19. If given a gun, what would they do? Uh, bad
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This is a prologue to a prequel
"WILL! CATLIN!" Alex yelled from the kitchen. Said people awoke with a shock. The shuffled over to the kitchen, yawning.
"Jesus, Alex, it's, like, two-thirty. What is up?" Caitlin asked tiredly. Alex didn't respond. He was busy comforting somebody in the corner of the room.
"Holy – what happened to Lily?" Will asked.
The girl (Lily, I assume) was balled up in the corner of the room, her knees touching her nose. Her fingers were stuffed in her ears and covering her eyes, and her glasses shivered on the bridge of her nose. The left half of her body was covered in scarlet paint. She was still wearing her outfit from last night: rolled up jeans and a grey hoodie, with black sneakers on her shoes. (She was wearing a shirt, too of course. It was quite unremarkable – just a plain grey t-shirt. Adding it just didn't seem to fi-)
"Shut up," Alex growled.
"Who are you talking to?" Caitlin asked.
"Nobody," Alex replied, confused.
"But you just said shut up."
"No I didn't."
Yeah, you did
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Dawn Reyes by eeveeon22 Dawn Reyes :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 1 2 Chibi Arch Doodles (Done at MIT) by eeveeon22 Chibi Arch Doodles (Done at MIT) :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 5 8
Vancouver's Fire
When I was in third grade, a girl in my glass gave me the nickname "Anime Eyes", because my eyes were different colours, like an anime character's. Sometimes, kids would use my eyes as a reason to pick on me, but not many, and anyway, I didn't mind. To me, it was a badge of honour. I loved my eyes, one blue, one green. They made me unique. In fourth grade, I learned what it was called. Heterochromia. I loved that word. When I learned that hetero meant different, I felt more special than ever before.
There was only ever one kid whose physical traits were stranger than mine, and he came to Vancouver in grade four. His name was Tristan, and he was completely white. His hair was almost translucent, and his skin looked like it had never known the sun. He liked wearing all white to increase the effect. He didn't like any kind of light, and he was hopeless at seeing anything without his glasses, which must have been at least two centimeters thick. His condition received about the same treatme
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Sister Minorities by eeveeon22 Sister Minorities :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 2 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Well, hello there, good sir or madam! I am Eeveeon, though I prefer such names as Beedle, Koruga, or Dorcas. I'm an artist, at least, kind of. I mostly draw for fun, and I write a lot of stories. a good amount of the things I am begin with the prefix a. I'm a failure at drawing males, and, well, that's mostly it. Oh, wait, the spheres of fiction I like best are fantasy and sci-fi. Maybe steampunk, but I have yet to learn what that really is.
I like the Internet because it allows for me to hide my complete lack of ability to pronounce words. This is because I either learned the Latin root and assumed that the Latin pronunciation applied, or I only ever read it. Or, the word in question is Aphrodite.

I want to be a linguist when I grow up. I want to learn dead languages and go to MIT. I see no contradictions here.
I just finished writing the Skripatchka. It is two-thirty-six AM. My brain feels like a pincushion and I am making so many typos that Autocorrect can barely keep up with me. My autopilot is running the show right now and doing a really bad job of it, I can't figure out how to work half the things on my iPod, and most of my decisions right now are based on the aesthetic appeal. I just ate a bright red button.
I am a GOD.
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